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The long yellow brick road…

This weekend I was transported back to the old Sky Blues ground, Highfield Road, Coventry, 2005, watching Elton John live. So it was a real pleasure as we watched Elton John perform for a full 2 hours again (he never short changes the audience), especially as he stated it may be his last ever live performance on British soil in the Legends slot at Glastonbury 2023 – and what a sign off to a career spanning more than 55 years it was.

As I watched (on the BBC, safely from my sofa I should admit), I was struck by what an extensive portfolio Elton had to his name. From Pinball Wizard to Rocketman, he presented the great hits that have marked the remarkable journey of his career, which is a spectacular celebration of his contribution to music.

While he may not have sung his songs in chronological order on Sunday evening, we were witness to the songs as they represent his own evolution in both his personal and professional life. It might seem reductive to say that Elton’s career path has been fairly linear (that is to say, a singer/songwriter for 56 years) but, essentially, it is true. However, this career has been marked by transformations and phases: from the simple, soulful piano rock of his early albums; to his establishment as a glamrock superstar; to achieving icon status and, today, providing a platform for the next generation of artists.

Though I hasten to say my own career does not span quite as long as Elton’s (33 in ABPM as of August 23 and counting!), I have reflected on my time at the helm of ABPM and seen that it too has marked my transformative milestones; from the early days in London and Sheffield to the years serving the Midlands region and most recently, to the incorporation of Bluepoint IT recruitment to create ABPM+.

While we may not all be able to conclude our careers headlining Glastonbury in a fantastic gold suit (though one can always dream), the aim is that at the end we may all be able to look back on many rich and varied years of work – whether we choose to stay in one industry or explore many.

Here at ABPM, we are on hand to support you throughout your career and the evolution it may go through. If you are looking to make a change, contact us to find out how we can help.


Rej Abraham, Sarah Torrington, Matt Byrne, Alex Handford