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Small Changes, Big Differences.

In an exciting news update from the Abraham household, spring cleaning season has kicked in and with it, a chance to make some adjustments that we hope will transform our home ready for the warmer months.

Like many of us, when our other halves announce they have ‘plans’ for the house, I am hit by a sense of trepidation. How long will this take? Will my comfortable home be completely unrecognisable by the time it is done? How much ££s?? So, when my better half said she just wanted to put in some mouldings and a lick of paint I was relieved – but raised an eyebrow of sceptism. Surely such tweaks wouldn’t make that much difference?

As is often the case, I have (happily!) been proven wrong.

It’s a truth of many situations. The small tweaks that we don’t consider worthwhile making are often the ones that culminate in positive change: whether that is in our approach to certain tasks, our management or listening styles, or our learning and development of new processes. Adjusting strategies even slightly can open up new perspectives and therefore possibilities that may have not been accessible or visible previously.

Even the first small change can often arise by asking questions of yourself and those around you – when did you ask a colleague what can be done in a better or improved way. Small incremental changes can be game changers. At a time when more office based employment is happening working remotely will have made all of us think carefully about our inputs, outputs and personal motivators for achieving a satisfactory work place. At a time of employee attraction and retention you will be surprised as to how this will lead to happier and more productive employees and then, you guessed it, a more productive business. All from the effort of having initial two-minute conversation and listening!

The same is true when we look at career development. Taking the next step can initially seem like we are immediately inviting great tumultuous change into our lives, but that doesn’t necessarily need to be the case. Whether we are taking on new responsibilities or stepping into a similar role, but in a new industry, those small steps will still have a big impact as you look ahead to the journey ahead.

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Rej Abraham, Sarah Torrington, Matt Byrne, Alex Handford