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That time of year has been and gone again. The signs were all there, predominantly in the form of runners and joggers up and down the country, taking on increasingly impressive distances in the months and weeks leading up to April. Its marathon season.

The highest profile one in the UK marathon season two weekends ago, as I’m sure won’t have escaped your notice. It’s truly a phenomenal sight, regardless of whether you take to the streets of London to show your support or even tune in from the comfort of your sofa on a relaxed Sunday morning. But for those who have taken on the feat (myself included, way back in 1997), the enormity and the emotion of the day is unforgettable. It’s probably what inspires thousands upon thousands of people to take on the challenge every year – even despite the complaints and pains they hear from those who have inspired them in the immediate aftermath of the race!

It is one of the bigger feats any of us can really experience in terms of endurance and capability to complete a marathon and one that is so challenging as the miles keep rolling on. It’s painful and exhausting and honestly madness why so many people put themselves through so much to get to that finishing line on the Mall.

The BBC wrote an article this week all about those individuals that took ‘last place’ at the London Marathon 2024. The ones who finished in over 8 hours, so were redirected to a finish line in St James Park. In many cases, these participants were injured early into the race but were determined to keep going, even if it took them well into the night in a feat that on many levels rival that of the ‘frontrunners’ of the race with their incredible times.

Although these participants had support from a team of ‘Tailwalkers’ who accompanied the individuals as they required, it was truly a personal battle for every runner. Even when in pain, with many hours stretching before them, supporters having gone home for the evening and parts of the racecourse even being packed up, they continued on and on. And that, I believe, is a victory equal to the victory of the winners of the London Marathon.

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