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Good, Friendly Competition.

There have already been some big wins in the first quarter of the year – wherever your interests might lie.

In the world of sport, we have just witnessed Ireland once again win the Six Nations tournament (though, I hasten to remind readers, they were thwarted in taking the Grand Slam in a terrific show by England). In tennis, the Indian Wells Open Final that took place this weekend saw Medvedev/Alcaraz take the win. Meanwhile, wins by Manchester United and Chelsea meant a step closer for each team to a win in the FA Cup Final.

Elsewhere, cinema has seen many big wins that culminated in the big one: the Oscars, in which Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer was awarded Best Picture.

Finally, Viking, the three-year-old Australian Shepherd from Solihull, was able to celebrate his own big win, taking top spot at Crufts 2024!

In any part of life, competition is important and even though we can’t necessarily all be winners, it is beneficial in so many ways. In business, it drives innovation and quality, and a desire to provide the best service or product to our customers and the best workplace for our employees.

On a personal level, healthy competition with ourselves is what drives us to be better and to pursue our career goals; to take those next, upward steps along our career journey, whether it’s in our own industry or a new one.

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Rej Abraham, Sarah Torrington, Matt Byrne, Alex Handford