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Tis Not The Season Quite Yet!

There’s no escaping it: winter is here. The dark nights have drawn in and the cold has a bite to it on my morning walks. The winter woollies are out and if you haven’t had a cold yet, sorry to be the bearer of bad news it is likely to … Read more

Celebration Era

There’s something interesting happening in the world of music right now. Two titans of the industry, both known for the large catalogues of ballads, pop anthems and disco tunes, revered by their respective fanbases, are currently in the midst of incredible tours that have had music fans queuing online and … Read more

Lively Lille

Successful Failures

Well, despite my worst fears, England emerge from the group stages of the 2023 Rugby World Cup at the top of their pool, following an admittedly nail bitingly close win against Samoa in Lille this weekend.

For those of us who were able to witness the victory live … Read more

Managing the Managers…

A few months back I wrote about the values and features of a leader in business and how to be a leader one needs individuals to lead. A collaborative relationship is a necessity to be effective, rather than simply one-way traffic. Listening by both parties to thereby share experience both … Read more

Let’s put a smile on our faces….

As summer – or what little we have had of it these last few stormy months, weather and business wise – draws to a close, ironic the sun comes out now! We cannot help but feel a little bit flat for the ‘back to school’ feeling (even that is easier … Read more

Marseille – city of dreams

I am out here in Marseille, (I know I volunteered to take one for the team) combining my passions for rugby, French cuisine and wine and great weather. Well done England, may I add, making the trip worthwhile – and Scotland, yet again, the plucky losers.

Marseille is a multicultural … Read more

Fair play….

As I write this newsletter, the Internet is still buzzing with the news that England has seen the Lioness’ come so close to world cup glory versus Spain and tentative whispers of ‘It’s coming home… again’ were not to be. So achingly close from a great squad of players who … Read more

Who knows what’s around the corner….

It is always with great pleasure I visit the Oval cricket ground with a group of old (some would say very old!) friends – a day commencing with a full English breakfast in the fine establishment that is the Fentiman Arms, concluding with an evening meal and a day interspersed … Read more

Succession at Wimbledon

Don your tennis whites (with adjustments as Wimbledon moves into the 21st century) and grab your glass of champagne, strawberries and cream – Wimbledon is upon us.

The oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world, the Championships draws international attention annually, with millions vying for tickets. While celebs … Read more

The long yellow brick road…

This weekend I was transported back to the old Sky Blues ground, Highfield Road, Coventry, 2005, watching Elton John live. So it was a real pleasure as we watched Elton John perform for a full 2 hours again (he never short changes the audience), especially as he stated it may … Read more