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Passion, Pride and Technique


I was delighted to be at Rugby HQ to cheer myself hoarse as England downed the world champions South Africa in the most exciting of fashions with the winning points of the game being landed by the supremely talented Marcus Smith in the final minute of the game. He must have had ice in his veins as he executed the successful decisive kick with the technique drilled into him over many, many hours of practice. Twickenham erupted into joyful celebration, but as I glanced at the stadium screen, what I saw in the faces of the English players was the passion and pride they clearly felt in the moment of a memorable victory. One can imagine what was said to the 20-year-old Freddie Steward, England’s MOM, as he hugged his grandfather after the game pitch side.

As I woke up on Sunday, admittedly a wee bit jaded(!), I reflected on the importance of Passion, Pride and Technique in our professional lives. I wanted to have a quick look at these regularly used nouns.

Passion… a very powerful feeling.

Pride… a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction that you receive as a result of you and connected persons to you, have achieved a positive outcome.

Technique… a means of undertaking an activity requiring a skill.

Now I am sure we will not in the workplace display the same visible signs of celebration, I witnessed at Twickenham (especially if you are WFH!), but it is evident to deliver the outputs required of our roles, we need to have great technique. The skills needed to execute the technique successfully are gained through tuition, learning, mentoring and coaching. Reflect on this and consider your present situation.

Great technique alone is not enough, you clearly need passion and pride to be enjoying your role and have a fulfilling career. It goes without saying, as we at ABPM and Blues Point meet clients and candidates in the course of our work we explore and understand these areas as it is vital to achieve successful outcomes. We certainly operate with Passion, Pride and great Technique and are readily recognised for this.

As we head towards the end of a tumultuous socioeconomic year which we hope you have manged to navigate, we at ABPM and Blues Point are on hand to respond to your career and assignment queries.


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Rej Abraham, Sarah Torrington, Matt Byrne, Alex Handford