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Warren Gatland – Genius or lucky?

Always an honour to host a big sporting event and what an exciting and unexpected set of results.

Talking moment of this year’s World Cup to date is Japan’s victory over South Africa. How did Japan manage the biggest upset of this year’s tournament, not to mention Wales and Australia beating England?

Japan played a very smart game of Rugby, keeping it simple, doing the basics very well, being brave and most importantly pushing themselves to be the best team on that pitch on the day. They had the South Africans under pressure in the first half, resulting in “The boks” conceding the highest number of points they have ever conceded in a World Cup tournament. Similarly dare I say it Warren Gatland, Michael Cheika and Australia out smarted the English with excellent team management and adapting their people resources for the challenges of the day. The Welsh coach in particular found an interim and short term solution to obtain the end result they wanted.

I always find it astonishing how similar the philosophy of recruitment is to sport. I give my candidates the same advice when discussing their career prospects with them, whether they are looking for internal promotion or a new challenge; “keep it simple”, “do the basics with excellence”, “be brave” and “push yourself” These habits are a vital part of everyday life. You may be pushing for a promotion, or wishing to develop your knowledge, or as an employer you may be looking for the “Gatland solution” a short term, interim solution for year-end or extra workload caused by projects created.

Whatever your need may be as a client or candidate we can assist with interim, contract or permanent solutions. Here at ABPM we don’t just help you when you are looking to your next career move, our service and relationship with you goes beyond. My candidates/clients tend to stay in touch with me and call me on occasions for assistance or advice regarding their career. A true moment of satisfaction when this happens, knowing that I have proved to be a trusted advisor. So whether I am coaching/training my team or advising candidates the above; “keep it simple”, “do the basics with excellence”, “be brave” and “push yourself” are  great principles for success in your career.

Whatever assistance you may need my team and I will be on hand from the very first phone call to aid you through the process.

If you would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements with us please call ABPM. We would be delighted to assist.

Rej Abraham Managing Director