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The Great British Bake Off

Was winning the competition a piece of cake?

12 candidates, 11 weeks of different styles of baking and not to mention what a tough pair Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry are to impress.

Imagine going through an assessment process similar to the Bake Off. Paul Hollywood being your CEO, Mary Berry being the recruiting Line Manager, with Sue and Mel being the HR team.  Companies are introducing similar assessment processes within their interviewing structure. When applying for new opportunities how would you handle it?

Hats off to all participants, especially the three finalists and Nadiya for winning the competition. A very tough process and competition from likeminded talented individuals.

The world of applying for new opportunities can be very similar to the Bake Off, you are a one amongst many having to go through many rounds before you reach that final interview and win. Assessment days/centres and psychometric testing have become more common and a normal part of the recruitment process.

How prepared are you? When did you last attend a similar process?

How would you compare if you were to seek new opportunities, could you go through tough rounds, could you compete with likeminded candidates after the same opportunity?

Questions, questions, questions…
At ABPM my team and I do go that extra mile when securing our candidates their interview. We are on hand to take you through what to expect from your interview, the style of questions you could face and would invite you to meet us again prior to the interview should you need further assistance.

Whatever you may need my team and I will be on hand from your very first phone call.
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Rej Abraham Managing Director