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The Ashes Concluded

What can we take from this win?

Did home advantage play a part in England’s win? Yes when the pitches were prepared for English conditions definitely favoured the English bowling attack.

The series saw one side dominating each Test match, why the exaggerated performance by either side on each occasion? So what lead to these dramatic changes? Internal and external factors need to be considered, frame of mind, confidence, team selection, individuals, technique, management and leadership.

So going back to my original question; what can we take from this win? Relating this philosophy to our career, team and work life, we should develop our strengths and mitigate against identified weaknesses. Do we always look at the dynamics within our team when recruiting, do we look at our team and think what is missing to make it stronger and a complete team? You will know how vital it is to have strong, focused members within our team in each department. Equally it is vital to have tomorrow’s talent feeding through to ensure you always have the depth and resource.

In a similar vein finance professionals should look to their progress within their current role, organisation and personal development. Whether you are a recruiting manager or candidate looking for your next career move, when you talk to myself or a member of ABPM it is crucial to us that we have a productive meeting talking about your skills and what you can do for your next employer or as a recruiting manager, the skills your team lacks or what we need to do for you to enhance team’s performance.

Whatever assistance you may need my team and I will be on hand from the very first phone call to the last to aid you through the process.

If you would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements with
us please call ABPM. We would be delighted to assist.

Onto the Rugby World Cup………

Rej Abraham Managing Director