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The Ashes Part 2

Did the teams learn from the last Ashes?

Having lost the last series would England bounce back? Can home advantage go in England’s favour? England started the first test well and won, to then have their bottoms smacked in the second test. What have England and Australia learnt from the first series, have they changed their preparation, coaching and training? Can we really answer these questions? No.

On the other hand taking a look at our national women’s teams in football and cricket quite the opposite in performance. The women’s football team coming third in the World Cup, the women’s cricket team have had a great start in the Ashes. Are the women’s team more determined, driven and hungry for success or have they a point to prove?

We cannot really answer any of these question we can just observe and learn. However as outsiders or supporters looking in we will all be thinking about these questions and hoping that there will be some change; in selection, in training, in coaching and attitude.

Do we as professionals in our working life think about these questions to enhance our career? Do we as managers use the sporting tactic within our company, department or team? This question we can answer and the answer should be YES. Coaching, training, preparation and development of our staff and of our selves is vital to be an outstanding player within our chosen career path.

As an MD of a successful recruitment business I am a keen believer in training, coaching and development. I have invested in resource to aid my team be better at what they do and the service we provide. They are also equipped to provide the same assistance to their candidates to aid them throughout the recruitment/interview process.

Whatever assistance you may need my team and I will be on hand from the very first phone call to the last to aid you through your career development.

If you would welcome the opportunity to discuss your career to date with us please call ABPM. We would be delighted to assist.

Rej Abraham Managing Director