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Career insights with Paul Bresnihan

CEO Paul Bresnihan heads up Growth Partners PLC, an Employee Engagement company that delivers expert-level HR & Benefit services to SMEs. A results-driven Business Leader, Paul has over 16 years’ experience in the industry and has made it his mission to revolutionise UK workplaces by making them healthier, happier and … Read more

New Year Quiz!

Welcome to 2019 and before we don our woolly hats and mitts in anticipation of the latest beast from the East, a little bit of fun to stretch the grey matter.

To make it a bit more interesting and encourage you to have a go, ABPM Recruitment would like to … Read more

We are the Champions

It is just over twenty seven years that the world lost one of its music Greats. Not just a legend in music, but in history, Freddie Mercury would have been 72 years old, had he not lost his battle against AIDS, which he only publicly confirmed having the day before … Read more

Living in America

In last month’s newsletter, I discussed transformation, and the changes experienced in life and careers. While we may have settled into a career path way and be into the rhythm of things as the long dark winter nights start upon us change is afoot, look at our High Streets and … Read more