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Celebration Era

There’s something interesting happening in the world of music right now. Two titans of the industry, both known for the large catalogues of ballads, pop anthems and disco tunes, revered by their respective fanbases, are currently in the midst of incredible tours that have had music fans queuing online and paying hefty sums to have a chance to attend. These two icons have a lot in common, but one key difference: a thirty-two-year age gap.

I refer to pop phenomenon’s Taylor Swift and the legendary Madonna. The pair are currently on global tours that celebrate their careers – Swift on her Eras Tour that spans ten studio albums and Madonna on her Celebration Tour that reminisces on a forty-year career.

It’s an interesting moment for both. Swift, at what many may view as the pinnacle of her career with many years of conquering the music industry still to come, seems to have chosen this moment to pause and reflect on the journey so far – perhaps with a view to using it to calculate and launch into the next phase of her career. Meanwhile, Madonna, the highest-grossing touring female performer of all time, who has for many years stayed away from the ‘greatest-hits-tour’ trope, seems finally to be seeing this as the moment for her to look back at a long and prolific career. Whether she plans on many more years ahead is to be seen, but the humble onlooker can only wonder why she has chosen now to pause and reflect.

There is a good lesson in this for all of us (even if we aren’t platinum-selling icons of the music industry). There are moments in all our careers where it would be remiss not to look back and reflect. This is true even if it’s one year into the role, fifteen years or even fifty. While there are those who prefer to look forward and constantly push onwards and upwards, there will always be moments in which even they must pause to look back, in order to figure out the next step.

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