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Employment Post Election

PM’s view on matters…
Britain under the Conservatives will have the highest employment rate in the developed world and a job “for everyone who wants one” by 2020, said David Cameron. Outlining one of his most audacious targets for another term as Prime Minister, Mr. Cameron said his party would help business to create a further two million jobs– taking it ahead of Germany and Japan and bringing it close to what he described as “effective full employment”. 

He said it would be achieved by working through the Government’s plan for full employment set out earlier this year, including backing business, keeping jobs taxes low, cutting red tape, and investing in infrastructure.

BoE’s view on matters…
First is the question of the amount of spare capacity in the labour market. The Bank’s latest judgment is that there has been some slight narrowing of slack which should put pressure on wages, although it has warned it may take “longer than usual” this time around. Add the prospect that wages may now be less sensitive to a given level of slack, an idea already tested by others, and the idea that recent absorption of spare capacity will be enough to fuel the fires of wage recovery looks increasingly tentative.

Second, low inflation, while helping real pay growth in the here-and-now, might ultimately prove self-defeating. The Bank raises concerns that today’s ultra-low inflation rate might weigh down on wage-setting decisions by firms, or leave workers satisfied with smaller pay increases. A full-blown deflationary spiral remains unlikely, but these judgments highlight the fact that inflation really can’t do any more of the heavy lifting than it’s already done in terms of boosting pay.

ABPM’s view on matters…
We have seen and are seeing a high demand for quality, qualified Accountancy candidates throughout the East & West Midlands with most companies looking at paying market leading salaries for the right candidate. Recruitment is on the up and the availability of quality candidates is low thus finding our clients reacting positively to the introduction of new candidates. If you have found yourself stuck in a career with no progression or limited salary prospects why not consider your options?

Our service & promise to our candidates is that we will actively work on their behalf and talk to companies that is of interest to them and companies that we have discussed with you prior. We listen to you and make suggestions of suitable companies in the relevant area, giving you all the options and final say in where we send your CV. All the help and assistance along the way is available from ABPM, until the day we secure you your desired new role. If you would welcome the opportunity to discuss your career to date with us please call ABPM. We would be delighted to assist.

Rej Abraham Managing Director