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The Ashes Concluded

What can we take from this win?

Did home advantage play a part in England’s win? Yes when the pitches were prepared for English conditions definitely favoured the English bowling attack.

The series saw one side dominating each Test match, why the exaggerated performance by either side on each occasion?

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The Ashes Part 2

Did the teams learn from the last Ashes?

Having lost the last series would England bounce back? Can home advantage go in England’s favour? England started the first test well and won, to then have their bottoms smacked in the second test. What have England and Australia learnt from the … Read more

Women’s World Cup 2015

Has the recent and current sporting highlight of late in the shape of the Women’s World Cup taking place in Canada, been given the visibility and profile it should deserve?. Women’s football in the past has been dismissed, except in a few notable nations such as Italy and the USA … Read more

Employment Post Election

PM’s view on matters…
Britain under the Conservatives will have the highest employment rate in the developed world and a job “for everyone who wants one” by 2020, said David Cameron. Outlining one of his most audacious targets for another term as Prime Minister, Mr. Cameron said his party would

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The Ashes…..

The Ashes are eagerly anticipated as always;
The widely differing fortunes of the Australians and English teams over the past 3 years provides food for thought…

Let’s take a look at 2 teams; Australia and England.
Whilst the former performed so well winning the world cup and the other has

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Employment on the Increase

In January, number of people in work rose by 143,000 to a record 30.94m Britain’s employment rate at a high of 73.3pc

In the words of Chancellor George Osborne……….

“Today, I report on a Britain that is growing, creating jobs and paying its way. We took difficult decisions in the

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General Elections!

As we move rapidly towards the next general election, all eyes are on the ideas from the political parties to deliver good growth, employment, reform government and help lift standards of living. What affect can we see on the Labour Market and employment in 2015?

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