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The Super League of Extraordinary Home Workers

The sports news of late was dominated by talk of a breakaway European Super League and its rapid disbandment which received universal fan disapproval.

It got me thinking. One of the challenges we’ve had in lockdown is adapting to working from home. In spite of the early challenges it presented, most people I speak to have adapted well, and I include myself in this. I can work flexibly, and I find that I get a lot done.

An imminent challenge to employers is employees having adapted to home working, saved money, and eliminated commuting, many do not wish to be in an office full-time. The options under consideration are:

  • Some employers envision a return to business-as-usual once lockdown is over, back to the way it was. I doubt this will receive universal approval from current, prospective employees and management teams.
  • The businesses risk losing valued employees to competitors that have embraced a more flexible business model. However, despite disapproval on making home workers return to the office, they might do it anyway.
  • A successful business, a bit like football and its’ fans, is nothing without its’ staff.

Unlike football, it certainly isn’t about money alone, WFH is cheaper e.g. less office space, reducing carbon footprint. So, what’s it about? Supervision? Trust? If those features are in place, there is nothing to prevent a flexible WFH regime. Why?

  • The flexible WFH means you can recruit from a much wider geographical pool of people, which means you don’t have to limit your search for new talent.
  • Be the progressive employer with flexible meaning YOU can pick up the talent seeking this model.

WFH does not suit all staff or roles, but there are tools that you can use to help you to identify where it is relevant. We at ABPM+ and your recruitment partner, can help you with this. But I suggest you commit to a decision soon, because your employees will want to know what’s on the horizon, and others may already be trying to attract your people by offering the flexibility that you may be hesitant to implement.

Author – Stephanie Lunn, IT Recruitment professional at Blues Point, part of ABPM+


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