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New habits good and bad which will you hold onto from 2020/21?

As we emerge into the Spring sunshine and some freedom of personal movement I for sure will be reflecting on the past 12 months and how certain aspects of my life have changed for both the positive and negative – certainly some of the habits I have formed, which I will endeavour to hold onto. Such as better use of my time across work, exercise and family time. On the latter front, I with 3 children in their 20s, have undoubtedly had more time with them in the past 12 months than they and I ever anticipated at this stage in their lives!

Whilst we consider the changes, some things have not changed. If you will excuse my tongue in cheek observations but England lose in India again. On this occasion despite some individual heroics from Root, Stokes, Bairstow and young Curran, India win handsomely across all three formats with India’s captain, Virat Kohli, leading the team to victories with great teamwork. I wait with excitement for the return Test series this summer and hope that all spectators are permitted entrance at Trent Bridge at least.

Similarly, the press continues to try to understand Eddie Jones and his plans for Englands’ rugby after our woeful showing in the Six Nations championship – certain habits definitely need to change here if we are to be contenders for any glory in 2023. The habit of winning and losing for a team provides insight to the workplace and these past 12 months have given us all an opportunity to look at team constructs and the importance of the right make up of skills, personalities and experience to deliver success depending on the setting. Our workplace environment has changed and is changing again so what was right 12 or 6 months ago – is it relevant for 6 months hence and beyond? We all need to be considering this for maximising both workplace and career performance.

Here at ABPM using assessment tools and our recruitment experiences, we aim to work together with our clients and candidates to find the right candidate for the right role so as to ensure success for both the candidate and the teams in which we place them. So, as we have been for the past 12 challenging months we are ready and available to assist you.