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Janus – should be new beginnings…


This time last year, we all sang in the new decade looking forward to the latest “roaring” Twenties. I asked in my January 2020 newsletter whether the new decade begins January 2020 or 2021. Given the 2020 we have had, I think we begin the new decade in January 2021!

The God Janus seems to be fitting for January 2021, as he is the God of new beginnings and transitions. We find ourselves in a significant transitional period, more than we could have predicted last year. We all hoped to begin 2021 fresh and ready to step back out into the world and leave behind the ‘trials and tribulations’ of 2020, however since 5 January a sense of groundhog day does prevail but I like many others I speak with are determined to work towards finding the best way forward with the limitations imposed upon us.

The God Janus is depicted with two heads, one looks to the past, the other looks to the future. I and we must look at 2021, as we battle Coronavirus; as a new beginning. Why? Amongst other things, the role out of the vaccine in December we find ourselves inching closer once again to “precedented” times.

New beginnings in a post-Brexit world; a subject of much controversy over the past 4 years. Whether you are a Remainer or Brexiteer we must now work together to understand and make the most of the opportunities that are presented to us.

New beginnings across the pond in the USA, with the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris who is the first female of black and South Asian heritage to be elected. After a turbulent year in North America, notably the Black Lives Movement and the Presidential election, the Biden – Harris presidency represents potentially a more diverse and inclusive future for USA and I hope sets a standard for the world.

So as I plan for the short and medium term with some imminent changes afoot for ABPM Recruitment Ltd, more to follow in February 21’, in these ongoing challenging times, I ask you to continue being adaptable as the year 2020 taught us how quickly the world can turn upside down. I hope the “roaring” twenties” actually start this year, having been on hold to date.  I and ABPM are ready to assist – I look forward to catching up with clients over the coming weeks ready to recruit Finance Directors and Qualified Accountants across the East and West Midlands.

Rej Abraham, Managing Director