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‘Don’t Panic Mr. Mainwaring’

‘Don’t Panic Mr. Mainwaring’ was the phrase made famous by Lance Corporal Jones from the 1970’s BBC comedy ‘Dad’s Army’ – typically when Jonesy was in a panic.

Never have I felt a more apt expression as we moved through September of what can only be described as a year of discovery about ourselves, society, business, nations and governments as we have been impacted by events and actions that have unfolded around us. Personally, I find myself feeling a sense of responsibility for new beginnings and opportunities that we have at the start of a New Year or Spring whereas we are heading into Autumn and Winter. Spring 2020 and lockdown stalled many of our best laid plans, in an effort to do our part to slow/stop the spread of Covid-19. As Autumn begins, lockdown was easing but perhaps not after all; we find ourselves moving out into a world much changed since we rang in the new decade all that time ago; and we have learned the need to adapt, by design and out of necessity.

The pandemic accelerated changes in the workplace; online resources proved vital in allowing us to maintain communication with employees and trading partners to ensure some form of future exists. However, as we move into a workplace and society that has changed dramatically; we now have to find the balance between utilising these resources efficiently going forward and maintaining face to face contact. We are at heart social animals and an AI world alone is not utopia…. see Blade Runner amongst others of dystopian future we must avoid.

Bizarrely, I like many have found a new work/life balance that is far more efficient and goes hand in hand with their everyday life; as we are able to work from home and fit it around looking after children or now doing the school runs, more exercise/hobbies because of reduction of commuting hours on a weekly basis..

Whilst being able to work remotely has proved invaluable during these last 5 months; it has to be said that video calls and emails cannot substitute in person meetings. Working in recruitment I find it valuable to meet someone and to interact in person. I am pleased that all parties I have engaged with via a video call, new and old have made the “best of it” despite the dislocation that it creates. So, thank you for enabling a good level of productivity to prevail.

As we step into the next phase of this year, it will be interesting to see how the workplace, society and business develops from here but as I said in an earlier missive ABPM was open for business at the start of the pandemic to deliver what we do best – recruitment. We still are and on hand to support client and candidate alike.

Rej Abraham, Managing Director