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Keep Calm and …..

A belated Happy New Year to all as we step boldly into 2020 (the Year of the Rat) and a new decade (I do wonder if technically the new decade starts 1 Jan 2021 and 2020 is the end of decade in reality – mere semantics I am sure) I reflect on a year gone by. 2019, a year that was so beset by angst, disasters, mindless violence, societal challenges to the world order in terms of climate and in the UK possibly the most riven socio-economic setting for many a decade. It is with this in mind that that I found it no surprise that against this backdrop that, as we endeavour to lead and develop our lives with those around us personally and professionally, that the subject of mental well-being looms so large. How the world has changed from my own naïve steps into the workplace and setting up a business in 1990.

To this day I take great encouragement and motivation from those that I meet and speak with who still have that innate desire to step into the unknown (my youngest heading off on global travels!) of next steps in their career, successfully overcoming the next challenge presented to them by their colleagues, achieving a successful resolution achieved for a customer or supplier and a willingness to take risks for self-improvement. For me personally seeing the ambition of launching and building a successful business inspires me to continue delivering and find ways of doing what I and ABPM do but better. The moment we stop wishing to learn or take risks is a sad moment indeed.

I am privileged to have the opportunity to meet many people and businesses who regardless of the backdrop do continue to pursue their ambitions. Not only benefiting themselves but those around them and bring people along with them for mutual benefit and well-being. I hope we at ABPM manage to provide that effect as frequently as we may as we only succeed if you succeed. To that end I look forward to 2020, with the certainty that we know which government leads us for the next 5 years, even if much uncertainty still prevails on so many geopolitical and socio-economic matters, I am sure we will carry on regardless. Thus, we look forward to being on hand at ABPM to assist with your career and recruitment queries and I hope our responses are Advisory, Brave, Professional and Motivational.

Rej Abraham, Managing Director