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Since “Killing Eve” it has been a good few weeks for film and television, and a sense of finality seems to be settling around many of the world’s most popular film franchises and box sets. Whether it be the final tense episodes of Game of Thrones (I don’t watch it, but my daughters tell me it’s all to play for at this point), or the lengthy Marvel finale, Avengers Endgame, that saw every single character come together for a glorious superhero bonanza, it seems a tense and exciting yet melancholy ending to some of popular culture’s biggest hits.

I myself was particularly excited for the season finale of Line of Duty, as I’m sure many of you were. I’m sure you were left frustrated, indignant or filled with anticipation as the episode ended, as we were informed that the search for ‘H’ was not ended. As it stands, we have to wait until the next series to find out any more about this fourth person. Amongst the tension of the episode, being in tune with my day job as I am, I couldn’t help wonder whether AC-12’s recruitment process could do with a bit of a review, what with “dodgy” police officers a plenty within the force, and even the young gangster from series 1 being recruited in to the junior police ranks.

Granted he may not include it in the CV but you’d like to think it wouldn’t have been quite so easy for someone of his ilk to be recruited. Despite this, if we consider instead characters such as Kate Fleming and Steve Arnott, who go above and beyond to protect Ted Hastings, there is clearly something about those members of AC-12 who are what we would hope of our police force. Their unfailing loyalty combined with continuous drive for the results, truth and resilience make them ideal candidates for many a role.

When considering your own attributes or the attributes of those we may wish to recruit, it can be hard to gather a person’s whole sense from a single interview or a CV. We here at ABPM as experts invest much more than is the norm to find the optimum recruitment solution, whether you be looking to take the next step in your career, or looking to find someone to join your team. We look forward to your call to support you in your recruitment needs.

Rej Abraham, Managing Director