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Interims required…?


If you have just arrived in the UK, then welcome. It’s a little chaotic here, and nobody seems to really understand what is going on, for we are in the depths of Brexit, reading in the newspapers on a daily basis about Theresa May has extended Article 50 for just a little bit longer while she tries to secure some sort of deal with the EU. The country seems to be divided between those who are angry we haven’t left yet, those who are remainers and those who don’t understand what’s happening and want the whole thing over now. In short, nobody is particularly happy.

Love her or dislike her, one can’t help feeling a little sorry for May, and the mammoth task with which she faced. Added to this stress is that more members of her cabinet have resigned in her two years as Prime Minister than under Thatcher in a whole 11 years. Whether it be because they disagree with her extensions of Article 50 or her decision to sit down and work with Corbyn, one by one, May’s supporters are dropping like flies, leading to a potentially enormous detrimental effect on the UK government.

Faced with this multitude of resignations, one is forced to consider how May would better manage Brexit. Would she be wise to hire a project team of interims to manage the exit?

Indeed, for those who are working in interim roles, the advantages are plentiful; flexibility, greater control over your career and experience from different sectors, while retaining employment rights. But for businesses, the recruitment of interims is a hugely flexible and adaptable move. By bringing in experts on certain projects, these projects can be accomplished effectively and efficiently, even if these projects come across unexpected hurdles.

Therefore, May might save herself a great deal of time and stress by recruiting interim staff in lieu of those who have resigned on her rather than facing more resignations! Indeed, you never know it could be the making of Brexit.

If you are interested in interim positions, we at ABPM are here to help alongside our permanent roles.

Rej Abraham, Managing Director